Marion Harrison & Sophie Mallett

Project Radio

7 – 25 October 2015

Project Radio is a shared space for artists and public to make radio, created by artists Marion Harrison and Sophie Mallett, to celebrate the collaborative potential of sound art and radio within the gallery. Hosted by &Model to coincide with the opening of the British Art Show 8 in Leeds, Project Radio involves over 40 artists a mix of live broadcasts, events and interviews, as well as artists’ residencies throughout the programme with artists invited to use radio as a voice both in the city and globally.

Sophie Mallett: “The idea was to create a somewhere that could be the perfect home for our work and interests. I work with sound and radio in collaborative ways but neither the gallery nor the radio studio are really that open to this way of working. We wanted to experiment with a format that could embrace all the elements of our work, and invite artists and groups to explore the opportunity too.

Project Radio includes: Sophie Mallett, Marion Harrison, Antonio Contador & Carla Cruz, Antoine Bertin & Mark Peter Wright, SoundCamp, Lloyd-Wilson, Blanca Regina, Jenny Moore, Ahmet Ogut, Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock with Terry Atkinson, Mark Vernon & Monica Brown, F=, Kate Donovan & davidly, Rebecca Glover & Fritha Jenkins & David Macdiarmid, Robbie Judkins, Ed Martin, Chris Wood, Pavilion with Grace Schwindt, Nick Thurston with Paul Buck, Luiza Crossman, SPUR, Alex Mackay, Acoustic Mirror, Subash Thebe, Rene McBreaty, Alan Dunn & Chris Watson, Mark Vernon & Monica Brown.

Project Radio begins on 7th October 2015 at 2pm with a live broadcast from &Model. Broadcasts continue Wednesday to Sunday until 25th October from 2pm - 5pm and &Model will be open during broadcasting hours. Public workshops and free events run throughout the programme, with permanent installations in the gallery. Project Radio includes collaboration with Get Away Girls, No Borders, Studio 12 and Women Together, and acknowledges support from Leeds Inspired, East Street Arts and Arts Council England.

You can get more information and listen online anytime at www.projectradio.uk

A still from André Téchiné’s 1979 film Les Soeurs Bronté.
On the left, Téchiné’s friend Roland Barthes in a cameo role as William Thackeray. Roland Barthes
made his only visit to Leeds to shoot this scene opposite the town hall and immediately outside what is now & Model.