Seven Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill

11 February 2016 – 5 March 2016

  • Wolfgang Berkowski
  • Keith Bowler
  • Peter Fillingham
  • Simon Patterson
  • James Rogers
  • Peter Suchin
  • Julian Wakelin

Curated by Keith Bowler and Peter Suchin

Seven Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill presents work by seven artists responding to Marcel Duchamp’s painting, Coffee Mill of 1911, made as a wedding gift to be mounted on a cupboard door in the Paris home of Duchamp’s brother Raymond Duchamp-Villon. Despite its seemingly trivial subject matter, Duchamp later attributed considerable significance to the painting, observing that the Coffee Mill “opened a window onto something else”. Questioned about the system of measurement in his important work, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (the Large Glass) of 1915-23, Duchamp said, “I explain it with The Coffee Mill”. The scholar and curator Ulf Linde has since suggested, supported by numerous drawings, diagrams and photographic overlays, that the hitherto unnoticed mathematical ratio of 22.5 used by Duchamp when composing the Coffee Mill had featured not only in the Large Glass, but also as a determining aspect of other important works. Duchamp’s commitment to this secretly coded ratio has rarely been examined by art historians. Seven Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill aims to translate and playfully reconfigure Marcel Duchamp’s intriguing picture-puzzle of a tiny domestic machine in motion.

Holly Rowan Hesson

11 February 2016 – 5 March 2016

Following a residency in the gallery from 11 January to 8 February 2016, Holly Rowan Hesson will show the outcomes of her residency project in the upper floor galleries, alongside Seven Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill which will occupy the ground floor space.

Holly Rowan Hesson makes abstract works that derive from the photographic capture of colour, surface, shadow and light in specific architectural locations. They emphasise the fragility, transience and ambiguities of what may initially appear solid, weighty and permanent. Blurred uncertainty disrupts the reading of the rich colour and complex surface of her prints, projections and ephemeral installations. Her residency at &Model will involve an in-depth exploration of the surfaces and spaces of our building culminating in an exhibition/installation of the resultant works.

Coming up:

17 March 2016 – 27 March 2016

In collaboration with Mark Devereux we will be presenting work by artists in the Mark Devereux Projects Associate Artists Scheme, selected by Chris Bloor, James Chinneck and Derek Horton of &Model, Melissa Hinkin of Artes Mundi, Cardiff and Michelle Bowen of Grand Union, Birmingham.