&model is a gallery space in central Leeds. Occupying all three floors of a 19th century building on East Parade, it shows contemporary visual art and other work that crosses the genres of art and design. It brings a diverse range of international artists to Leeds whilst also showcasing some of the city’s best young talent. Guest curators will work with &model’s co-directors, Chris Bloor, James Chinneck and Derek Horton.

&model is an RTTA project.

Gallery Assistants: Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby, Aishah Burrows, Jade Cradden, Annabel Crosby, Annabel Crossley, Amy Fishlock, Steph Horn, Tom McGinn, Anna McQuillin, Will Turner, Alice Walton,Will Clarke, Libby Hoy, Samela Otovic, Ned Pooler, Megan Skinner, Helena Whittingham, Abi Mitchell, Embla Magnusdottir, Helena Wallace.